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Jamiel and Chris
Coffee Beans
The PhDifference


Welcome to PhDuo Roastery - where the love of coffee meets a passion for sustainability. Experience our 'Coffea Vitae', the Coffee of Life, ethically sourced and expertly roasted with care.


As Air Force veterans and PhD holders, we founded our business on a shared love for coffee - the magic bean that fueled our time in the ICBM field in Minot, North Dakota. Our passion grew into a desire to deliver that same invigorating experience to others, with every sip from a cup of our carefully crafted coffee.

The eco-friendly roast


Our shield, representing faith, education, service, integrity, and family, tells our story and guides our business ethos. These symbols serve as a constant reminder of who we are and what we value - as people, friends, and as a company.

At PhDuo Roastery, we source our beans ethically from all corners of the globe. Some of our favorite beans are from Guatemala, Honduras, and Indonesia, but we are still experimenting! 


Dr. Vadell has perfected his barista technique at his coffee shop, Techspresso, in Panama City Beach and Dr. Ewing worked at a coffee shop in college - some of his fondest undergrad memories. 

Join us in our journey, as we continue to serve our community, both local and global, with our meticulously roasted coffee.

Roasting Coffee

Shop our Veteran-owned business and you'll experience the PhDifference in our ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee!

PhDuo Crest

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