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ICBM Pre Departure Mission Brief

A Bond Brewed in the Frozen North

Fueled by shared experiences in the ICBM field and a love for the magic bean, PhDuo Roastery is the brainchild of two veterans turned coffee aficionados. Join us on our journey as we bring the world's best coffee right to your cup.

Our story began in the 741st Missile Squadron, amidst the bustling activities and the frigid temperatures of the ICBM fields in North Dakota. It was there, in the midst of our duties as missile operators, that Jamiel and I, Chris, found a common ground - a shared fascination and profound appreciation for coffee, the magical bean that fueled us through countless shifts. This bond, strengthened by a shared love for adventure, travel, and a good game of golf (though we might not be the best at it), only grew stronger with time, evolving into a steadfast friendship that has weathered many storms.

Beyond the missile squadron, our paths intertwined in delightful and memorable ways. From cruising to Alaska and the Caribbean, to annual family trips to Disneyworld, our shared experiences span the globe. Our journeys, often marked by laughter, camaraderie, and an undying love for exploration, have not only created lasting memories but also exposed us to the diverse world of coffee.


After our service, Jamiel ventured into the bustling coffee scene of Panama City, Florida, with a coffee shop of his own. Inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit and the shared desire to make a difference, the question arose, "How can I contribute to Jamiel's success?" I found the answer in the form of PhDuo Roastery.

PhDuo Roastery seamlessly marries our shared love for coffee with our commitment to ethical sourcing, environmental responsibility, and a roasting process that honors each bean's unique journey. Our shared experiences and mutual support culminate in this venture, where we get to extend our passion for coffee to you.

We are more than just business partners. We are brothers bound by shared experiences and values, including the belief that family transcends the bonds of blood. As we invite you into our world, we hope that you feel a part of our extended family - a family that savors 'Coffea Vitae', the Coffee of Life, and relishes the journey that every cup represents.


Dr. Chris Ewing

I'm the primary owner and operator of PhDuo Roastery and I like to think that I bring a diverse portfolio of leadership experience to the world of coffee. My journey began with Active Duty service in the Air Force in Space and Missile Operations, followed by a co-founding role at Paradigm Leaders, a leadership development firm. My professional path includes key positions at healthcare giants like Kaiser Permanente, Duke Health, and Advent Health Medical Group.

In academia, I've served as Director of the Masters of Science in Human Resource Management program and currently am an Associate Professor at Touro University Worldwide, alongside adjunct professor roles at various universities. My academic credentials include a BA in English, an MA in Adult Education, a PhD in Educational Psychology, a Certificate in Executive Leadership for Healthcare Professionals, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

At PhDuo Roastery, I apply my broad experience and passionate commitment to excellence. With me at the helm, it is my intention that each sip of 'Coffea Vitae' become a testament to quality, sustainability and a love for the journey of each coffee bean from the farm to your cup.

coffee 002 (1).png


Dr. Jamiel Vadell

I'm Jamiel Vadell, co-owner of PhDuo Roastery. With a diverse academic background including a Doctorate in Leadership, I've served in various roles from being a United States Air Force Officer (Major) to the CEO of Paradigm Leaders, LLC, a leadership development firm.

In 2021, a unique venture took shape in my classroom at Florida State University (FSU) Panama City. My students envisioned a coffee shop designed by students, for students - a concept that became Techspresso. Intrigued and inspired by their creativity and dedication, I decided to fund their project and bring Techspresso to life. The result? A vibrant, welcoming space that caters to the unique needs of students, emphasizing sustainability, equity, and local products. With this experience, I bring an even deeper appreciation for the coffee community to our work at PhDuo Roastery.

Now, at PhDuo Roastery, I fuse this commitment with a love for coffee. Alongside my best friend Chris, I'm excited to provide a coffee experience rooted in our shared values of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community. In every cup of 'Coffea Vitae', you'll taste the dedication we pour into our work.

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