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Eco-Friendly Roasting

Discover the PhDifference in our roasting process. Using innovative, eco-friendly fluid bed roasting, we deliver consistency, enhanced flavors, and reduced carbon footprint - all in a single roasting cycle.


Eco-Friendly Innovation: The Power of Fluid Bed Roasting

At PhDuo Roastery, we're proud to put our trust in the Artisan 3-e from Coffee Crafters. This powerhouse roaster is the epitome of efficiency and quality, capable of roasting batches ranging from a modest 1/2 lb to a hefty 3 lbs. With a production rate of 18 lbs per hour, the Artisan 3-e leads the pack in affordability and productivity.


The Artisan 3-e is no ordinary coffee roaster. It is an energy-efficient, fluid bed marvel that ensures a consistent, high-quality roast while consuming a mere 0.4 kWh per pound of electricity. We've harnessed clean hot air roasting technology to bring you the best cup of coffee, all while taking care of our planet.

Fluid bed roasters, like the Artisan 3-e, revolutionize coffee roasting with their advanced design. They create a cushion of hot air around each bean, allowing for an even roast and robust flavor. These roasters shine not only in their ability to deliver uniform roasts but also in their shortened roasting time, reducing the chances of creating unwanted compounds that can taint the flavor profile of our meticulously sourced beans.

The Artisan 3-e demonstrates its ingenuity with its smart recirculation system. This feature reuses the heat generated during roasting to pre-heat incoming beans, making our roasting process one of the most sustainable in the industry. Combined with the reduction in reheating between batches, this technique helps cut CO2 emissions by an average of 25%.

Experience a purer taste with our air-roasted coffee. The Artisan 3-e removes chaff during the roast, eliminating the risk of a smoky flavor. Despite being a relatively new method in the industry, air-roasting has caught the attention of many due to its ability to preserve and accentuate the inherent flavors of the coffee beans. At PhDuo Roastery, we believe in marrying innovation with tradition, and our roasting process is a testament to that.

Coffee Tree Harvesting

From Root to Roast: Our Commitment to Sustainable, Fair Trade Coffee

At PhDuo Roastery, we believe that a great cup of coffee starts with its roots. That's why we import our beans directly from small farms in developing regions worldwide, where coffee cultivation not only contributes to local economies but also carries deep cultural significance. We have committed ourselves to sourcing only fair trade beans - an affirmation of our support for just compensation and improved living conditions for these dedicated farmers. Every purchase of our coffee supports a chain of fairness and sustainability, reaching back to these vibrant communities around the world.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword to us; it's an ethos that we strive to reflect in every aspect of our operations. Importing coffee from small farms, as opposed to large plantations, allows us to ensure traceability and promote farming practices that are gentle to the environment. It is in these small-scale operations where coffee growing works in harmony with the ecosystem, nurturing biodiversity and preserving vital habitats. By sourcing our beans in this way, we contribute to a greener future for coffee, and in turn, for our planet.

Finally, the respect and care that we bring to our roasting process are second to none. Utilizing eco-friendly fluid bed roasting technology, we ensure that each batch is treated with meticulous precision, yielding a more consistent, superior quality roast. This method not only improves the taste but significantly reduces our carbon footprint, making our roastery one of the most sustainable choices for coffee enthusiasts. Every bean we roast carries a unique story from its place of origin, and we aim to honor that journey, delivering its distinctive character and flavors from our roastery to your cup. At PhDuo Roastery, we brew more than just coffee - we brew 'Coffea Vitae', the Coffee of Life.

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